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Ford C4 Manual Ford C4 Manual Ford C4 Manual

Ford C4 Automatic Transmission Training Handbook

Details of the theory and operation of the C4 transmission. Essential background information for servicing.

Excerpt: "This handbook has been prepared so that a technician with no knowledge of automatics can learn the the C4 operation by reading the following sections and studying the diagrams."

Ford, 1971, 57 pages, 39 MBytes

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Contents of this manual:

  • Introduction
  • Torque Converter 
  • Planetary Gear System 
  • Gear Train Buildup 
  • Pump 
  • Converter and Cooler System 
  • Controlling the Gear Train 
  • Governor Operation 
  • The Throttle Pressure System 
  • Summary of Valve Functions 
  • Diagnosis and Adjustment 
  • Premiminary Checks and Adjustments 
  • Road Test 
  • Band Adjustment 
  • Control Pressure Testing 
  • Air Pressure Tests 
  • Definitions 


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